2018 Camps


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If you’re thinking about an Inters week at MCYC, prepare yourself, because it’s going to be the most memorable week of your year.

Whether it’s jokes around the dinner table, sports and water fights outside, coach trips out and about, or a chance to take a breath and ask any faith questions you have in group times, each part of the week is designed to let you see how real and exciting life with Jesus can be, something you’ll hear from some great speakers who’ll talk directly to your age group rather than making it too old or too young for you.

For parents, guardians and carers, know that we want to give your young people as fun, safe and honest a week as we can.

Inters A

Date: 28th July – 4th August 2018

Inters B

Date: 18th – 25th August 2018

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