February 2017

Due for review by 2018


All staff attending an MCYC week of camp must have obtained an Enhanced DBS and have signed-up to the Update Service prior to the week.


    1. Applicant obtains a DBS form (and DBS Privacy Notice Acknowledgement & Consent) from their Camp Rep. church Safeguarding Officer (SO) or MCYC Staff Registrar.
    2. Applicant completes DBS form and presents it to one of the aforementioned persons with their evidence. The DBS form will then be sent to the Staff Registrar (or approved counter signatory). Applicant reminded to sign-up to the Update Service*.
    3. Once applicant receives the DBS certificate, they are responsible for showing the physical copy (no photographs, photocopies or scans accepted) to the Director of their week, Camp Rep., church SO or MCYC Staff Registrar.
    4. These persons forward the certificate number and issue date to the Staff Registrar. DBS issue dates and certificate numbers will be kept on record. If there are any offences noted, contact the Staff Registrar for further advice.
    5. When the applicant applies to a week of camp, the Staff Registrar will check the DBS status using the Update Service. If there is a change in status or the DBS is not registered with the Update Service, the applicant will be asked to complete a new DBS** (starting at step 1).

Additional information for churches using MCYC to process DBS forms

Applicants will follow steps 1-4. It is then the churches responsibility to make regular checks on the status of the DBS certificate** if the applicant signed-up to the Update Service and they have permission. If the applicant is not part of the Update Service then churches must request a new DBS application. It is suggested a maximum of 3 years is left between checks (re-application).

*Applicants not planning to attend an MCYC week do not need to sign-up to the Update Service, although this is highly recommended.

** Any applicant whose DBS certificate status changes must complete a new DBS form without exception.