2018 Camps


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For those looking at a Seniors week at MCYC, we understand that whether you’ve been to hundreds of Church youth events, or none, you’ll want something that actually relates to you and feels like it matters.

At an MCYC Seniors week, you’ll be joined by other campers who are a similar age to yourself. We’ll have activities where you can have a laugh, lots of space to relax, trips out together, teaching times specific to your point in life, but most of all, an invitation to be yourself and know God is interested in you just where you’re at.

Whether you’re loud, quiet, sporty, creative, academic, emotional, all of them, none of them, or not sure who you are yet, you’re welcome at Seniors.

Seniors A

Date: 4th – 11th August 2018

Seniors B

Date: 25th August – 1st September 2018

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