This procedure has been written to ensure Tyn-Y-Nant Christian Centre’s Waste Management Procedures comply with local Welsh law.

We are required to separate our waste into 4 categories; mixed plastic and metal, mixed paper and cardboard, glass and general waste. Food waste will now be disposed of as general waste. Our glass waste comes primarily from the kitchen. Sanitary bins should be emptied into general waste.

Where required tins, jars and similar should be rinsed before disposal.

No waste is to be burned, with the exception of dried trees and plants or provided wood for a campfire. No accelerant is to be used, campfires must be clean burning. 

In each pod and around the site will be bins for plastic and metal, paper and cardboard and general waste. The glass bin remains in the kitchen.

In the carpark bin store we have: 

  • 1x 1100L General waste – food waste will be put in the general waste
  • 1x 1100L Plastic and Metal
  • 1x 1100L Paper and Cardboard
  • 1x 360L Glass

Williams and Williams collect our bins and a schedule is posted on the board in the office – when bins are full please contact the Centre Manager who will arrange an additional collection.

Responsibilities & Actions

  • Tyn-Y-Nant will provide marked bins for use by occupants to dispose of their waste. 
  • It is the responsibility of occupants (lettings lead or Director of camp) to ensure that all attendees are aware of the new recycling rules and the requirement to separate waste. 
  • It is the responsibility of occupants to separate their waste as stated above.
  • During MCYC weeks the Site Manager will continue to empty the bins around the site into the respective bins in the bin store.
  • During a letting, bins that become full should be emptied into the correct bins in the carpark bin store. At the end of a letting, please ensure that waste from the bins in any bedrooms are sorted into the correct bins in the pod foyer. The Centre Manager will dispose of these following the letting.
  • Welsh Law states fines may be imposed for improper disposal of rubbish – where a letting is responsible for this we may charge the letting accordingly.